Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chinese bonds for sale

Several different denominations are available. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

1843 Black Eagles/ Aguilas Negras for sale

Several denominations of Black Eagles are available
Year 1843 Black Eagles in 100.000, 50.00, 30.000, 27.500, 20.000, 10.000, 5,000 and 1.000 denominations

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Leased bank instruments are available

Leased BG or SBLC issued by top four world banks Deutsche Bank, HSBC UK, Barclays UK and Credit Suisse price 10+2 with no upfront fees

   Note for clients in Europe and USA and for clients in the pacific rim countries that use world banks  in Hong Kong and Singapore where buyer is able to show POF's, copy of current bank statement that verifies that leaser has enough funds to pay for leased BG or SBLC immediately 

Price: Leased BG or SBLC by top four world banks which include Deutsche bank HSBC UK, Barlays UK and Credit Suisse price 8+2 with no upfront fees

Thursday, July 12, 2018

BG and SBLC at price of 12+2 and you can purchase from $2M TO $30B

By using A rated Banks like Noor Bank in Dubai. Dubai's fastest growing bank you can obtain non leased 100% cash backed BG and SBLC at price of 12+2 and you can purchase from $2M TO $30B. There are no other banks that will issue non leased BG and SBLC for face value amounts as low as $2M. The lender will guarantee if there is a default the lender will guarantee the the amount to the bank with collateral. The provider does not require a current copy of the buyers bank account amount, bank comfort letter or electronic screen shot of the buyers bank account. The only requirements are a current copy of the buyer company executive summary, current financial statement and proforma (Just like applying for a loan at your bank). 



(1)  Application on incorporated company letterhead

(2)  Executive summary of buyers business 
(3)  Current financial statement
(4)  12 Month proforma no taxes required 

The provider has been in business for 21 years providing BG and SBLC's to small to medium size client businesses by using A rated and B rated Banks. Guaranteeing the Banks will have not financial loss if there is a default. Noor Bank in Dubai.

 Note the provider is also able to offer Deutsche Bank Germany purchased bank instruments at 36-38+2

To qualify

The client provides copy of incorporated company executive summary, current financial statement and proforma. Just like applying for a loan at your local bank.
Country restrictions

Purchase from all countries. USA. Europe, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Pacific rim countries, South America, Central America. No restrictions across the board. 

Grace period

You also receive five days to pay for the BG SBLC is issued  

How is this accomplished? 

The person that owns the company has been in business for over 21 years and the Banks that work with him have no risk because he backs every BG and SBLC with his own financial resources

All of the BG's and SBLC's non leased are 100% cash backed, same as the top five world bank bank instruments. 
           The only difference is we use A rated and B rated banks

The program is simple and works just as if you were applying for a loan


(1)  Application on company letterhead

(2)  Executive summary of clients business
(3)  Current financial statement
(4)  12 month proforma no tax returns required

(5) Beneficiary statement (If needed)  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monetizing Global Bonds

Our client (the Investor) is actively monetizing global bonds issued by top banks (typically HSBC and Credit Suisse) backed by SBLC’s from the Central Bank of Brazil and listed on Euroclear with an ISIN. The Investor makes a one-time payment at closing of 60% of face value for use of the global bond for one year. If the global bond has not matured, the beneficiary (the “Owner”) can elect to renew the agreement for up to 4 years, each time receiving a onetime payment at closing of 60% of face value.

The Owner must provide the following documentation to initiate the transaction:

 • Full KYC with color copy of valid passport
• Current copy of the bank guarantee and Euroclear pages 1-22
• Coordinates of the operational bank officer who can close the transaction with the Investor’s bank officer
• A current custodial account statement from the bank showing that the global is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and is cashable at maturity and
• Confirmation that the custodial bank can close the transaction via DTC or Euroclear, free delivery, T3 (paid in 24 hours).

The Owner retains title to the global bond and never relinquishes the underlying asset against which the SBLC was issued.

Monetize all assets, $500K to $30B,

Monetize all assets, $500K to $30B, gemstones (Cut or uncut). Art, masters to modern art, real estate
commercial/residential, copper Istopes, nickel wire, in ground mining assets, airplanes, boats, cruise ships. Almost any valuable asset can be monetized. Lender has both credit facilities and ability.


Lender is backed by large international financial sources. The lender will monetize just about every asset classification. The lender has their own credit facilities and ability to monetize assets with bond
offering through their major international financial organizations associated with them.
The amount of the asset value used will be determined by their financial institutions. The normal asset valuation is  40% to 65% except cash which is monetized at 100%.  BG SBLC MTN monetized up to 80%

The assets are monitized in 15 days and the cash is placed into a trade program (PPP). Anticipated return 50% gross 40% payable every two weeks. 

CMO's monetizing opportunity

The program will  pay 60% of face amount. That is $600M. within 72 hours. CMOs are selling from $20% of face amount. Note the CMO must be on Euroclear.